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painting #142


acrylic, mixed

on 48″x48″ canvas


this yellow green gold mustard

time telling queen

(that started out as a stubborn and fiesty redhead)

taught me

not to fear destroying what you think will be brilliant

for what you don’t know will be perfect


painting #141


mixed media

on 24″x30″ canvas


a wee little lady next to her physically bullying sisters

but stand aside her and she’ll enamor you

into twelfth rounds with unravellings of fathers fathers


painting #140


acrylic, ink, mixed

on 60″x72″ canvas


a know a girl who reminds me of Cher

she’s always changing

the color of her hair

she don’t use nothing

that ya buy at the store

she likes here hair to be real orange

she uses tangerines







painting #136


acrylic, mixed, image transfers

on 48″x48″ canvas


this could certainly be an expression of unprecedented times in a cliche artists world where the inner doings spill and are easily translatable onto surface story.

ya know with the global pandemic, civil unrest, social media mania etc etc. form has BROKEN. OFF from oneness, origin is lost. individual structures are identified in space. remnants of pangaea. ideology fini.

or.. of course, ya know, i coulda just wanted to play around with some image transferring.