Laura Joy Lustig | painting #152
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painting #152


image transfer, letraset, mixed

on 48″x48″ canvas



u will find unapologetic FORM for the first time here.

or at least form not being completely annihilated.

there are bold remnants.

perhaps a letting go. THE FEAR.

the close to 50 SURRENDER.

knowing its gonna happen anyway

so u may as well rest into it instead

of scurrying atop.

CONTROL has always dictated its boundaries


it b.

mix, wander, become itself and transform itself

on and in the same stroke.

seemingly safe monochromatic turns an obvious

multiplex of one color/mark made creates an opposing overlay

and vice versa. still creating a swarm of previous EXPERIENCE/

life events.. and when sitting closer just like life you hear the details.

bringing POETRY back.

stream of consciousness or unconscious ramblings of words

and or marks used mostly for ASEMIC pleasure.

some removed, replaced, washed, covered, torn and returned..

some legible for you.. most not. some upside down and or backwards.

some words meaningful.. others blabber.

but all for your peering pleasure.

ALL for aesthetic making FIRST while POETRY having thick roots here.